ASE Certified Tune Up Specialist

Auto Mechanic Important Information



* Here at ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and being on time for every appointment. We understand your time is important to you and we will do all we can to eliminate any delays.

* Due to the amount of canceled appointment over the past year, ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS will now require a parts deposit to hold an appointment on our schedule. Customers who wish to cancel an appointment must do so 24 hours before the scheduled time or within 2 hours of making the appointment or they forfeit their deposit. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but have to do this to protect our business.  


* ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS is more than happy to obtain parts for our customers, though it may require a parts deposit.

* Due to liability issues, ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS will not obtain salvage yard parts. Although we will install them if the customer is willing to obtain them for use on their vehicle and the customer is willing to accept responsibility for said part.


* ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS always calls before heading out to a customers' home or office...this allows the customer to know we are on the way and confirms for us that the customer still wishes to retain the service. ( ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS will not come out if all attempts to reach the customer fail on the day of the service). If the customer wants to make another appointment then he or she will have to pay the come out fee upfront. If the appointment is missed after the come out fee has been paid then the customer forfeits that fee and will have to pay again for any other appointment.


* Due to liability issues, ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS will no longer transport customers to the parts store to obtain parts. This is to protect the customers as well as ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS.

* Due to time constraints, all parts must be obtained at a parts store that is within 10 miles of the service location. If this is not possible, the customer must  pay the diagnostic fee and set a new appointment  to perform the repairs.


*Andrews-Tune-Ups only takes responsibility for the diagnostic provided by Andrews-Tune-Ups if the repairs are performed by an Andrews-Tune-Ups technician. ( this means that if the customer allows another mechanic to perform the repair, even if we diagnose the problem, we are not responsible for the outcome. We have no way of knowing if the repair was done properly). If an Andrews-Tune-Ups tech does the repair and finds the original diagnoses to be in error and we did not explain that to be an outcome, we will take responsibility for that mistake.


*Andrews-Tune-Ups expects payment for services rendered upon completion of those services. In the event that a customer decides they are not going to pay for service the Andrews-Tune-Ups technician will leave the property to a safe location and call the local authorities. If this happens, the customer's vehicle will be impounded and held as evidence for court. In order for the customer to have his or her vehicle returned, Andrews-Tune-Ups will require $1000 to sign the release for his or her vehicle in addition to the cost of the original repair. 

NOTE: ANDREWS-TUNE-UPS will not work in dangerous weather conditions.